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Solar park Duurkenakker

Project: Solar energy
Client: Sunvest
Location: Duurkenakker
Year: 2017 - 2020

Project description:

Since 2007, Energy Solutions has been involved in the development of the grid connection for Energiepark  Duurkenakker. Sunvest developped a PV park  of 44 acres between the railroad Veendam – Zuidbroek and the A.G. Wildervanckkanaal. The project has an installed capacity of 64 Megawatt, producing solar power equivalent of 20.000 households.

The construction of the solarpark started in 2020, in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. However the EPC contractor Goldbeck (solar park) and Alsema (grid connection) succeeded to complete the project within schedule and budget.

Activities of Energy Solutions:

Energy Solutions contributed in the design and tender phase and assisted contractor Alsema to obtain the grid connection. The design phase consisted of the following aspects:

1.       Cable route engineering: Design of an optimal cable route of 5km, together with stakeholders which was ready for permit application.

2.       System design: The cable system has been designed according to the functional requirement and dynamic behaviour of a solar park. The system has been engineered according to requirements of  Enexis DSO.

3.       Substation design: A basic design for two substations has been engineered as a basis for the project tender.

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