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Ensol CTMS

Since 2006, Energy Solutions continuously worked on the development of the ENSOL Cable Temperature Monitoring System (CTMS). The CTMS is a powerful monitoring tool for high voltage cable systems. It is able to calculate “real time” the actual current carrying capacity of high voltage cables by measurements of the current and temperature. The ENSOL CTMS consists of two main components: The hardware systems for current and temperature measurements and the Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) software. The RTTR software is developed by the engineers of Energy Solutions and is based on international standards (IEC 60287 and IEC 60853) for calculation of the continuous as well as the dynamic current carrying capacity of cable systems.

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Results are made available to the users through a (local) web interface. In this way the users always have access to all data without installing the software on each local station. By applying ENSOL CTMS on cable systems, the client can monitor the continuous as well as the dynamic current carrying capacity of the monitored cable connection. The systems provides all information needed for optimal use of the cable system. ENSOL CTMS is available for installation on existing cable connections as well as new cable connections. It can be used on cable systems with and without integrated optical fibres. Energy Solutions is continuously further developing ENSOL CTMS to improve accuracy with the latest calculation models and to add new features for monitoring and visual presentation of the results.

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Unique Selling Points of ENSOL-CTMS:

  • A full package can be delivered with DTS, RTTR, SCADA interfaces and services.
  • Analyzing measurements with a conclusion and advise on the results, all is based on a high skilled level of knowledge and experience within the (E)HV cable system engineering.
  • Unique web interface on local network, no need to install additional software on a client PC.
  • Access to data, simulation and forecasting tools through web interface.
  • Extensive knowledge on grid operations and management.
  • Flexible, additional thermal models can be incorporated on request.

Facts and figures

  • In 2006 Energy Solutions installed the first commercial ‘ENSOL-CTMS’ monitoring project.
  • Since then more than 25 different monitoring projects are installed by the Energy Solutions CTMS team.
  • More than 1700 kms of cable circuits will be monitored 24/7 and maintained by Energy Solutions experts.