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Windpark Fryslân

Project: Offshore Wind Energy, Onshore Wind Energy, Windenergie op land, Windenergie op zee
Client: Ventolines B.V.
Location: Breezanddijk
Year: 2014 - 2021

Project description:

The collaboration between Windpark Fryslân (WPF) and Energy Solutions (EnSol) already started in 2014 when EnSol made the concept of the electrical design of the wind farm. With 382.7 MW, WPF is the largest wind farm in an inland water in the world and EnSol brings valuable knowledge and experience in the field of high voltage systems of large onshore and offshore wind farms.  The 110 kV / 33 kV substation is particularly special because of the architectural design that combines a spectacular outer facade with a publicly visible arrangement of the high-voltage components.

Activities of Energy Solutions:

Besides the preliminary electrical design of the wind farm, EnSol made the basic design of the transformer substation and export cables, carried out several grid compliance studies, including a system study in the field of harmonic distortion, and also EnSol supported WPF in the tender for the wind farm. In the construction phase, EnSol provided expertise in the field of high voltage underground cabling as well as the package manager of the 110 kV / 33 kV transformer substation. Furthermore, Ensol played an important role in obtaining the grid compliance certification from the grid operator.

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