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Windfarm Zuidlob

Project: Onshore Wind Energy
Client: NUON, Vattenfall
Location: Zeewolde
Year: 2011 - 2013

Project description:

Together with 63 farmers, Nuon/Vattenfall formed a cooperation named “windmolenvereniging De Zuidlob”. This collaboration resulted in the development and construction of wind farm Zuidlob with a total energy production of 122.4 MW. All farmers in the most southern part of the municipality of Zeewolde are participating in this wind farm. The onshore wind farm consists of three times 12 wind turbines from manufacturer Repower with a rated power of 3,4 MW each. The produced energy is transported to the 33kV/150kV substation Zuidlob by 33kv cables. This substation is connected by a 4,3km cable connection to the 150kV substation Zeewolde from TenneT TSO. Wind farm Zuidlob is one of the largest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands, providing energy for 90.000 households. In August 2102, the first wind turbine was installed and after 7 months, the wind farm was completed. In December 2012 the wind farm produced wind energy to the national grid.

Activities of Energy Solutions:

Energy Solutions delivered a significant contribution during the design and construction phase of this project. The following activities have been executed in cooperation with NUON :

  • Design of specifications for the Balance of Plant contract.
  • Technical support during tender process of the Balance of Plant contract.
  • Project support during the engineering, construction and commissioning/testing phase. Both for the electrical infrastructure of the wind farm as the 150kV interface with TenneT TSO.