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Wind farm Northwester 2

Project: Offshore Wind Energy
Client: Northwester 2 NV
Location: North Sea
Year: 2017 - 2020

Project description:

The Offshore Wind farm Northwester 2 is the 7th offshore windfarm in the Belgian economic zone of the North sea. Northwester 2 consists of 23 wind turbines from manufacturer Vestas of 9,5MW each. The turbines are connected by 6 strings of 33kV submarine cables. The produced energy is collected at the Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS), where the voltage will be transformed to 225kV. From the OHVS, the produced power Northwester 2, 219MW in total, will be transported to the Offshore Switch Yard (OSY) by a 225kV submarine cable connection with a length of 17km. This is the grid connection point of ELIA TSO

Activities of Energy Solutions:

Energy Solutions delivered a significant contribution to the Northwester 2 project, commissioned by Northwester 2 NV. In the design phase, Energy Solutions contributed to the design and verification of the electrical infrastructure of the wind farm. During the construction phase, Energy Solutions supervised the installation of the electrical infrastructure. The following activities have been executed in cooperation with Northwester 2:

  • Project support during the (pre-)engineering and tender process for the elerctrical infrastructure of the wind farm and support with the wind turbine manufacturer as well the grid operator on the 225kV grid connection at the ELIA OSY.
  • Calculations and simulations for the 225kV grid connection at ELIA OSY
  • Compose the technical specifications for the various contracts for procurement and installation of the 33kV submarine cables, the 225kV submarine export cable and the 33/220kV Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS).
  • Technical support during the tender process for the contracts mentioned above.
  • Project management as Deputy Package Manager Electrical Infrastructure during construction.
  • Project support during construction.
  • Quality checks and factory acceptance tests of the 33kV/225kV Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS).
  • Quality checks and factory acceptance tests of the 25 kilometre 33kV submarine cables connecting the wind turbines to the OHVS.
  • Quality checks and factory acceptance tests of the 17 kilometre 225kV export cable.
  • Supervision of the commissioning of the electrical infrastructure.

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