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ECN Windturbine Testpark Wieringermeer II

ECN Wind Turbine Test Park Wieringermeer II

Project: Onshore Wind Energy
Client: ECN
Location: Wieringermeer
Year: 2016 - 2020

Project description:

EWEF (ECN Windenergy Facilities) has taken the initiative to realize the renovation / new construction of the existing test windfarm EWTW (ECN Windturbine Testfarm Wieringermeer) in the Wieringermeer.

The existing wind test park consisted of 9 wind turbines. These will be replaced by 8 new Vestas wind turbines for research purposes and 9 locations for prototype turbines.

Part of the new turbines is connected to the existing 50/10 kV station of EWEF. The other 4 research turbines are connected to a newly installed 20 kV customer substation, linked to the Liander distribution network. A second 20 kV customer substation has been installed for 5 new prototype locations. The wind turbines are interconnected with 10 kV and 20 kV cables to transport the generated power to both customer substations and the 50/10 kV transformer station.

In 2018, the removal of the existing turbines and the associated 10 kV cables started. After that, the new 20kV park cabling was installed and work began on installing and equipping both customer substations. The first wind turbine were energized to the grid in March 2019.

Activities of Energy Solutions:

For this project, Energy Solutions has made a substantial contribution during the design and realization on behalf of EWEF. The following activities have been carried out:

  • Making the preliminary design for the wind farm cabling, the customer substations and the data communication network.
  • Making of the electrical and data components of the RAW specifications for the design and installation of the wind farm cabling and the placement of the customer substations.
  • Technical support to project management in the tendering of electrical work.
  • Assessing the detailed designs made by the contractor Van den Heuvel for the substations, including protection.
  • Accompaniment, support and quality control during the construction, testing and commissioning of the electrical and data infrastructure.
  • Supervising the coordination of the interfaces between wind turbine supplier Vestas, civil-electrical contractor Van den Heuvel and Liander’s 20 kV grid connections
  • Supporting the grid connection tests for the turbines.
  • Support in connecting the prototype turbines.

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