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Hollandse Kust Noord 380kV land cables

Project: HV cable- and energy systems
Client: TenneT TSO BV
Location: Beverwijk
Year: 2020 - 2023

Project description:

To transport the 2100MW from the offshore windfarms Hollandse Kust Noord, Hollandse Kust West Alpha en Hollandse Kust West Beta , a 380kV underground cable connection will be constructed between the transformer station at Velsen and the 380kV substation Beverwijk. In 2021 the horizontal directional drillings are finished and the cables have been partly installed. In 2023, windfarm Hollandse Kust Noord will be the first  operational windfarm to transport wind energy  to this new grid connection.

Activities of Energy Solutions:

As part of the TenneT project team, Energy Solutions contributed to this project with expertise on the following aspects:

  • Review of the design documentation and drawings
  • Ampacity calculations during detailed design
  • Quality control at the Factory Acceptance Tests of the cables and accessories
  • Quality control and inspection at the handover between Civil contactor and cable supplier

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