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Project: HV cable- and energy systems
Client: NTT
Location: Vijfhuizen
Year: 2021 - 2024

Project description:

NTT Ltd. operates a data centre (NTT AMS 1) near Schiphol Airport in Rozenburg, the Netherlands. Currently this data centre is powered by a 20 kV cable connection. Due to a growing power demand caused by an expansion of the data centre this connection must be upgraded to a 150 kV cable connection from TenneT’s 380 kV / 150 kV substation Vijfhuizen.

The length of the new 150kV cable connection is approximately 14,5 km of which 9,4 km is installed in total twenty HDD’s.

Activities of Energy Solutions:

Energy Solutions provides expertise in the field of underground high-voltage cables for this project. In collaboration with ATRON-Engineering, the following aspects are realized:

Feasibility study on the 150 kV cable connection between TenneT 150kV substation Vijfhuizen and the project location. Three alternative cable routes were proposed and for one option a basic- and detailed design was made.
Evaluation of a second or redundant 150kV cable connection between TenneT 150kV substation Rozenburg Zuid and the project location
System design of the 150 kV cable connection
Civil route engineering incl. HDD engineering and soil investigations
EMC influence study
Permit application and right of way agreements, soil investigations etc.
Drafting the technical aspects of the contract, civil and cable tender documents for the 150 kV cable connection.
Tendering of the works for the cable supply and installation.
During the project execution phase:
·        Project management

·        Quality control

·        Stake holder management

·        Health, Safety and Environment

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