Energy Solutions partnership with Ampacimon for creating innovative dynamic cable and line ratings systems together.


Energy Solutions is increasing their cable temperature monitoring system (DCR) business by creating a partnership covenant with Ampacimon, a line monitoring system (DLR) company based in Belgium. Ampacimon has a complete product range of their ‘ADR’ monitoring products for overhead lines as Energy Solutions is focused on improving their ‘CTMS’ real time thermal rating (RTTR) monitoring products for underground land cables as well as submarine cables with integrated optical fibers. Ampacimon is a fast growing company operating worldwide in the overhead line monitoring business segments.

Together we see upcoming opportunities in so called ‘hybrid’ or ‘mixed’ transmission and distribution systems consisting of a combination between overhead lines and underground cables. Working together will lead to a single and optimized solution of monitoring the assets of different grid owners. Bringing both high end technical solutions together results in a perfect complementary partnership of monitoring products, creating maximum availability and knowing the limitations of the most revolutionary high voltage grids.