In addition to the daily activities, Energy Solutions believes it is important to engage in social goals. With our specific knowledge we are able to contribute to a sustainable energy supply in the modern world but we can also provide for the basic energy needs in Africa.

To achieve the latter goal, a partnership has been established between Energy Solutions and S3C (sub-Saharan Solar for Schools and Communities). S3C is a social venture with the following mission: providing sustainable off-grid small solar systems in rural areas in sub-Saharan African countries. By installing these systems in schools and clinics / health centers, the quality of education and health can be improved. This promotes economic prospects of young people in rural communities.

Some projects are realized collaboration with students from the Delft University of Technology. Energy Solutions is supporting the students from TU Delft by formulating internship assignments and the preparation and supervision of the work in Africa. Furthermore Energy Solutions contributes time and knowledge improve the organization ant technical capacity of S3C international.

Sutjianto has been working on a feasibility study on smart grids / mini grids for PV systems in rural areas. In addition, he provided the design and installation of PV systems in three schools in Namanga, southern Kenya. See the report and the website of Sutjianto

Thom Buijs conducted a similar study in Gondar, Ethiopia. He prepared a report for the implementation of renewable energy in a community of 1,500 households. See the report and the website of Thom.

In May 2013, the first S3C school projects started. These projects are partly funded by S3C foundation and partly by local partners. Parallel to the implementation of solar energy for these two schools, the S3C business model is put into practice. Local entrepreneurs are trained to independent re-sellers of solar products. Besides creating employments, the market can be reached  in the most remote areas where expensive and unhealthy kerosene is still being used for lighting.